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Fast Pak, LLC is a full service specialty packaging, packing and shipping company conveniently located in Putnam, CT. We specialize in all aspects of commercial, contract, job shop and military packaging and packing as well as shipping solutions. Our strategic location in central Southern New England allows us easy access to all major cities and highways in New England enabling us to more efficiently meet the needs of our clients.


At Fast Pak, we know that accuracy and timeliness is of the utmost importance and our objective is to assist our clients in these areas so they can achieve their ultimate goals. We pride ourselves in delivering quality services in a timely manner by using only the best materials and most efficient techniques.


If you have any other areas where you need assistance please feel free to ask us and we will use our expertise to problem solve a solution for you. 


Contact us today and let us show you how we can help with all your commercial or military packaging and shipping needs.  

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